Rosé & Croquet
Dressing for Toowoomba's Rosé and Croquet
This year's Classic Beauty Therapy Rosé and Croquet fundraiser for the Toowoomba Hospital Foundation, holds all the ingredients for a most enchanting day. We have made it easy to plan the perfect outfit, complete with some of the do’s and do-nots of croquette dressing etiquette.
Published 19 January

Croquet, It’s a little bit posh and a whole lot of fabulous! For those who have a penchant for the aroma of freshly cut lawn, a splattering of sunshine and the perfect liquid drop, this year’s Rosé & Croquet Toowoomba Hospital Foundation Fundraiser event holds all the ingredients for a most enchanting day.  

Traditionally played in the summer months, a day of croquet is the ultimate in sophisticated play-time and of course it’s the perfect excuse to frock up on a Tuesday afternoon. 

With an event like this, comes with a dress code to suit the occasion.  But don’t fear, we have made it easy to navigate with this guide to a perfect outfit, complete with some of the do’s and do-nots of croquette dressing etiquette.

No Sinking Stilettos

In this regard, croquet is a little like the polo where heels have never been more out of place. Instead opt for anything from a comfortable slide or slipper to your favourite fresh white sneaker. For both men and women, think flat, soft soles; comfortable, practical and the perfect stabiliser for a solid whack of the croquet mallet!  

Ladies, we love the selection at Midas and Wittner if you are in the market for fresh kicks; A couple of our favourites include the Artica Woven leather slide from Wittner & the Caysi sneaker from Midas. 

Gentlemen, Country Road's knit slip on in Beige are a perfect summer slip on and for extra mileage, Rodd and Gunns’ Endeavour street sneaker will keep you fresh. 

Shoe rose and croquet 1

1. Wittner Artica Tan Woven Leather Flat $175
2. Midas Caysi White Leather $159.95
3. Country Road Knit Slip on $119
4. Rodd & Gunn Endeavour Street Sneaker $229


Whites and Lights

The traditional palette for a day of croquet is crisp fresh white or light coloured clothing with shades of light khaki, your most excellent choice.  For those who intend on playing the game, essentially you are looking for a blend of practicality, comfort and extremely good taste! #stylerules. 


For the Men

A button through shirt or polo is a must. Gazman are the win for linen and if you opt for a long sleeve, roll them just below the elbow. Pair back with a white tailored short from Trenery or if you prefer, a white chino from Country Road; (linen is also a fine choice) and complete with a blazer or sports jacket from Peter Jackson just in case the weather is a little on the cool side. 

Complete your look with a panama, fedora or trilby hat and for a subtle, sophisticated inclusion of colour, consider a lightly coloured pocket square if you’re wearing a shirt or blazer. Very gentlemanly! 

Mens rose and croquet

1. Trenery Chino Short $79.95
2. Country Road Slim Stretch Chino $99.95 
3. Peter Jackson Marzotto Messina Linen Jacket $299
4. Connor Pink Pocket Square $9.99 

For the Ladies

Think simple, chic, elegance - a very french perspective, which is perfect with the game actually having originated in France, not England as many may believe..’Oui, Oui’! 

A midi skirt, wide or straight leg pant are all very appropriate choices; Veronica Maine’s smooth stretch wrap front pant is perfection and with a matching blazer it will take you well beyond the game. If you want to opt for a lighter colour over whites, Witchery’s pleated wide leg pant will serve you nicely. Pair with a button through shirt or top and be sure to avoid lengths that skim the grass which will only interfere with your shot. 

A classic white dress is an equally excellent choice but again, steer clear of anything too long or full with layers of fabric for practicality sake. We are loving the Freya Linen dress from Sportscraft right now; It’s 100% on point and Country Road’s seersucker midi dress is also a favourite with its feminine detail. Hmm… decisions, decisions. 

A matching hat is as always, essential in our scorching summer sun so take a visit to Trenery for a fabulous selection of headwear. A couple of our favourites include the Amara Bucket Hat and the Sama Trilby and for a little extra, why not consider a ‘brolly’ for the day, to satisfy some of those croquet traditions.  

Ladies Rose and  Croquet 1

1. Veronika Maine Smooth Stretch Wrap Front Pant $269
2. Witchery Pleat Wide Leg Pant $159.95
3. Sporscraft Freya Linen Dress $249.99
4. Country Road Seersucker Mini Dress $129
5. Trenery Amara Bucket Hat $69.95
6. Trenery Sama Trilby $69.95

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s game time… 

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