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Get Moving in the Best Active-wear Trends for A/W 2021
Comfort dressing is here to stay with leisure wear that can go from home to office and back again. 2021 is all about wearable activewear, and we can’t get enough.
Published 19 March

Last year activewear and loungewear took centre stage. And while we’ve finally had to leave the couch, we’re still looking for comfortable fashion that supports our lifestyle; from work to home, to working from home, to working out at home.
Versatility is key, and we’re loving that the runways of winter 2021 supported this, with many trends prioritising chic comfort.
Discover how to adapt the latest athleisure trends with wearable yet stylish threads that are endlessly wearable. Comfort dressing… but make it fashion.



1. Tie Dye Activewear


‘90s nostalgia was all the rage in 2020, and this trend is set to continue, with the fashion world giving a major nod to tie dye prints. Tie dye activewear will be everywhere, from tight-and-crop-top combos, to tie dye hoodies for casual wear.
Remember, this look can be quite a statement, so either go all out with a matching set or just one tie-dyed piece paired with block-coloured neutrals.



Tie Dye

1. Lorna Jane

2. Rockwear

3. Rebel


2. Cut-Out Detail


Show a little skin with on-trend athleisure featuring cut-out details.
Strategically placed cut outs, such as at the back of your activewear tops, or in the shoulder or sleeves of hoodies and knits gives you a modern style edge, plus the added air flow helps your skin breathe during a workout.



Back Crop GIF

1. Lorna Jane

2. Rockwear

3. Cotton On


3. High-Shine and High-Performance Activewear


While high-performance activewear has been around for a few years, in the past, it has only been luxury brands that jumped on board the trend.
But this year, high-performance activewear will become the norm in both men’s and women’s activewear. This will include moisture-wicking fabrics and fabrics with reflective capabilities.
Activewear fabrics should be durable and high-quality. These garments need to have the capacity to stretch and move and are also subjected to more heavy-duty washes than other clothing.



High Shine

1. Rebel

2. Rockwear

3. Lorna Jane


4. Hiking Kings


This year, we’re seeing more natural tones emerge in the activewear space, especially for men, like khaki, earthy greens, and charcoals. As we do more hiking, running and walking, we’re seeing this trend come alive again in the activewear space.
This trend is simple enough to get on board with. All you have to do is add just a few key pieces. High-quality hiking boots are an essential first step. Then, adding activewear pieces in earthy tones with multiple pockets completes the look.



Hiking Kings GIF

1. Kathmandu

2. Kathmandu

3. The Athlete's Foot


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