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Style your way
If you’re stuck in a style rut or looking to reinvent yourself, look no further, because we’ve done the ground-work for you and pulled together the best secrets to unveiling your best personal style.
Published 01 September


Longer days... warmer days; it’s a refresh and a restart; a spring clean and the annual spring fling we get to enjoy every year as the season breathes new life into our core. Spring has sprung, and its’ that time of year when we prune our gardens, spring clean our homes, reactivate our gym memberships & of course, reconsider our wardrobes and ultimately our personal style.


  1. Remember the ultimate goal is self-confidence and feeling great in your own skin. Throw comparison to the curb and step into your best self. Go on a journey to discovering what fits you well, what suits your lifestyle, what shapes and colours do you love?

    What pieces bring you joy and help you to feel great in your skin?
    How do I feel needs to be the number one question on your lips… every. single. day.


  2. Trust your instincts. Are there people you know, or celebs & influencers you follow whose style speaks to you? What are you drawn to? The shapes, the colours, the cuts?

    Are there pieces in your wardrobe that are your go-to time and time again?  What are the pieces that you always put back, especially those with the tags still on them! (This is a huge insight as to what just doesn’t fit with your personal style)

    Which retailers have pieces that fit your lifestyle, your personal style, your budget & your shape? When you take a moment to sit and answer these questions, you will be surprised at how much you already know!


  3. Approach trends with caution. Trends, by definition, relate to the current style or preference, and as with actual currents, they move. Trends are seasonal and always changing. Don’t be mesmerized by them, and only embrace the ones that work for you; anything else is a waste of your hard-earned cash and remember to treat them as secondary to the essentials in your wardrobe.
    Experimenting with seasonal trends certainly has its benefits and can go a long way in helping you to uncover your personal style, but remember, when trying something new always come back to the all-important question, how do I feel?
    Trends work best when they complement and work with your staple pieces and personal style, not overwhelm them…. or you.


  4. Get a handle on the basics. Regardless of your style choices, every wardrobe needs heroes; those pieces that form the foundation for the fun; invest here first and remember quality over quantity because when chosen carefully, these are the pieces that will be on high rotation - you know the ones we’re talking about: the perfect fitting jeans; the go anywhere blazer; the great white tee; the all-occasion dress; the ultimate pant…


  5. Invest in accessories and shoes. The right accessories are interchangeable among a multitude of outfits and they have the potential to add the wow factor and memorable moments for all the right reasons. Accessories and shoes are also a great tool for personalising your look, particularly if your day-to-day style is restricted to a uniform or if your flexibility is restricted due to corporate dress codes.


  6. Don’t be afraid to play with something new. This is especially important if you are feeling stuck when it comes to your personal style. Experiment with playful hits of colour; new lengths; new shapes and cuts. If you have the resources, why not consider investing in a personal stylist? Can’t afford it? Search out some social media accounts and find inspiration.

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