naidoc mural in centre
Mural Symbols
A series of symbols by the Indigenous artists and Indigenous Rockville State School students were created to tell the story/meaning of the mural. These symbols are the core message of the mural painting and reveal to the viewer what the artists are talking about.

Grand Central’s Artists in Residence collaboratively created CHAMPIONS for the FUTURE to inspire our young people to live up to their full potential; to GET UP, STAND UP and SHOW UP in all aspects of their lives.

Images used within this piece are centred on Indigenous storytelling, using symbols to represent themes from across different First Nation countries, cultures and languages.

To ensure our young people were empowered in the revitalisation of this space, ten Indigenous student’s artworks were utilised within the mural, as young people are the key to our future.

It is hoped that this mural inspires the viewer to consider themes around the passing of knowledge and cultural stories, caring for children, keeping healthy, connecting to country and becoming leaders, teachers and learners through continuing cultural practices.

Our Indigenous artists compiled the following meanings behind each of the symbols in the mural.

We thank them for sharing their culture with us. 



Meaning: The Brolgas represent the learning and teaching of our young ones. Teaching them to listen, learn and nurture their culture.


Gumbi Gumbi

Meaning: An important medicinal plant and used for trade, healing, ceremonies. It is continued to be used for healing properties.



Meaning: The shield was an important and integral way of life for Aboriginal people and also the spear, both were used for hunting and transporting food and other items.



Meaning: Were important to our people when travelling, knowing which Rockwell’s were in good health, could be read by the night sky through constellation travel routes.


Kangaroo and footprints

Meaning: Symbolises never taking a backward step and caring, nurturing the next generation.


Circle design

Meaning: represents the passing of knowledge, song, dance and protocols.



Meaning: Symbolises fresh water country and knowledge being passed on to the next generation.



Meaning: Symbolises his own story from the place he was born and to the place he goes back to spawn.



Meaning: Carrying culture and story.



Meaning: Caring for children.



Meaning: Weaving culture and story.



Meaning: Connecting to country.



Meaning: Keeping healthy and strong.


Digging Stick

Meaning: Bush tucker.



Meaning: Mapping country, story and culture.



Meaning: Bloodlines.



Meaning: Back to country.



Meaning: Respect country.

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Published on 12 December, 2022
Published on 16 August, 2022