Street Artist MattyBro’s philosophy to live by
Being your personal best is the philosophy world-famous street artist MattyBro lives by.
Published 08 September

Whether he’s painting a mural for high-profile clients or hitting PB’s at the gym, MattyBro is always chasing the next goal. Much like his large-scale murals, this is a man that is all about going big or going home. We had the pleasure of sitting down with MattyBro to chat about his career journey, what being your personal best means to him, and of course, his top summer fashion tips.


Meet MattyBro

World-renowned street artist, MattyBro embodies being your personal best. As a creative he’s constantly focused on improving his skills and pushing himself out of his comfort zone. MattyBro specialises in a unique style of street art, merging both aerosol and airbrush methods to create the impressive large-scale works he is famous for. If you were to put together a highlight reel of MattyBro’s creative career, the cast would be star-studded. He has completed numerous projects for famous figures and large companies, including Culture Kings, World Gym, Snoop Dogg, Jason Momoa, and last but not least, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.


MattyBro’s advice on how to be your personal best

“Hard work and dedication”. This infamous quote from Floyd Mayweather has become the foundation of MattyBro’s day-to-day philosophy. Creative success doesn’t come overnight, and MattyBro has learnt this through refining his craft over many years. He says, “If you love your craft, you dedicate yourself to your craft and work hard at it, then success will follow.”

He is also a strong believer in envisioning your goals and bringing them to life through action. He says, “You can plan all you like, but if you don’t put it into action, then it’s not going to become reality.” Like all good ideas, MattyBro said his most recent project came to life over a couple of cocktails on the beach. He was chatting with a fellow entrepreneur when they came up with the idea of creating a mural for the new Elvis movie. Fast forward a couple of days, the concept came to life and MattyBro found himself meeting the cast at the premiere and personally showing Baz Lahrmann his mural.


When MattyBro’s feels like his best self

Despite not being a morning person, MattyBro says he feels like his best self when he starts the day with a workout. His top piece of advice is to not think about it, simply get out of bed, turn on auto-pilot and get yourself to the gym. He says, “When you start your day like that, your blood is pumping and your ready to tackle the day and handle things that come your way.”

MattyBro is also a massive family man, and he feels like his best self when hanging out with his son and wife, especially after a work trip. Even if that means watching his son’s favourite movie for the thousandth time, that’s where he wants to be. 


MattyBro’s personal best in fashion

MattyBro is all about that relaxed yet put-together vibe. Living in the Sunshine State means he loves wearing shorts and singlets during summer to keep cool and comfy. Although, this doesn’t mean that he doesn’t like to have fun and play around his summer style.

Naturally, as a street artist his fashion skews towards street style, and he loves incorporating creative prints and illustrations into his outfits. His top must have summer item are sneakers, and he says you can’t go wrong with classics such as Converse and Jordans.


MattyBro’s top picks from Grand Central



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