Sabrina Frederick
AFLW player Sabrina Frederick on playing the long game
Striving to be your personal best over the long-term is an attitude that AFLW player Sabrina Frederick is no stranger to. Her advice is to “live for the person in that rocking chair”.
Published 08 September

As she explains, “it’s important to live the life that you want to have and be content with your own decisions. Avoid focusing on making everyone happy and proving people wrong as they won’t be sitting with you on that rocking chair in the end.” We invited Sabrina Frederick to reveal more about how she achieves her personal best both on and off the field, how this is reflected in her style, and her advice to others on a journey towards being their best.


Meet Sabrina

As a talented AFLW player and SAS Australia contestant, you might recognise Sabrina from your TV screens. Sabrina was one of AFLW’s original marquee players in Brisbane and after spending the past two years with Richmond, she has recently made the switch to Collingwood Football Club as a notable forward line player.

Sabrina was born in the UK and has been playing professional football for six years now. She and her wife, Lili, recently welcomed their first child. Sabrina is a strong advocate for not being afraid to try something new, and at the age of 25, it’s inspiring how much she’s accomplished in such a short time.


Sabrina’s advice on how to be your personal best

Sabrina explains that being her personal best is all about pushing herself and putting herself in uncomfortable situations to grow. She tells us, “Growth only comes from being challenged and learning new things—it’s all about not putting expectations and limitations on your abilities, you can always do more than you think.”

Sabrina’s advice for others to become their personal best is to, “take that next step every single day. Dream big because if you don’t think big, you’re not going to achieve it. Do things for you rather than other people—don’t always conform to what others think is right”.

“For me personally, I never thought that I would be in this position now, but it didn’t stop me from being the best version of myself and the best footballer”.


Sabrina’s biggest achievement

When reflecting on her achievements to date, for Sabrina, her the stand-out was her first year in the AFL Women’s League through her involvement in getting it off the ground. “To be in that moment then, but also seeing it now, it’s still a massive achievement”.


When Sabrina feels like her best self

When she’s not on the field, Sabrina loves to spend time with family and friends, try new things and stay active, as these moments are when she feels like her best self. She integrates wellness rituals into her routine, such as walking her dogs, going for a swim in the ocean, training, and ultimately embracing the elements of nature. Sabrina also believes in the importance of keeping your mind healthy as much as your body, “I love meditation—I thought it was a bit wishy-washy when I didn’t get it, but now I’ve really come to appreciate it and use it a lot”.

When we asked Sabrina about pre-game rituals, she emphasised feeling good and comfortable prior to games was key. “The night before a game I always like to have tea and biscuits because it’s something that makes me feel warm and comfortable before bed. The morning of a game, I’ll go for a walk to get coffee, stretch my body out, listen to music and keep it really relaxed. For me, it’s all about feeling good internally.”


Sabrina’s confidence in fashion

Style to Sabrina is all about comfort and expressing her personality. When asked about what fashion item makes her feel most confident, Sabrina explains, “Sneakers are a huge essential for me. I wasn’t in a position to own many shoes when I was young so when I put on sneakers, the inner child in me comes out.

Sabrina tells us that her style in general is a reflection of her personality, “It depends on how it makes me feel in terms of colours. I’m a huge colourful person now so wearing colours speaks to my personality—I try to keep it light and fun.”


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