Mini Beasts
Explore the Mini Beasts
Discover the luminous Mini Beasts these school holidays and see them come to life through augmented reality, kids' workshops and take home craft. 
Follow the interactive trail to discover the Mini Beasts. Collect all four QR codes to redeem a instant critter prize. Plus, visit each sculpture to enjoy an augmented reality experience.
Learn more about the marvelous Mini Beasts and enjoy craft and colouring in at the Mini Beast craft station on Level 1 outside Myer.
Mini Beasts craft station
If you’ve ever seen what looks to be a blue bee, chances are it was a cuckoo bee. Buzz about on Ground Level near Betty's Burgers and see if you can track down ours.
The Orchard Swallowtail Butterfly (Papilio Aegeus) is especially common in Queensland so the next time you’re visiting Grand Central, keep an eye out for the biggest butterfly around.
Some cicadas sing to scare birds away and male cicadas also sing to attract females. Listen out for our singing cicada near outside Rozzi's Level 1, and gently touch its wings for a rousing encore.
The Jumping Spider is generally small in size with large eyes and very inquisitive. Keep an eye out for our Mini Beast spider on Centre Court to see if it sees you.
Our Mini Beast friends have crawled into Grand Central and the insect fun can continue on at home, with our downloadable Mini Beasts Craft Pack.