Your Guide to Fashion at Grand Central
Grand Central Fashion
From the latest trends to exclusive fashion offers, here is your complete guide to fashion at Grand Central.
Shopping for fashion in Toowoomba? Find the latest style trends that Toowoomba has to offer, take advantage of our insider shopping suggestions and the view latest offers from over 80 fashion retailers. It's all the inspiration you'll need to turn your personal style into a grand statement.
Our fashion galleria is overflowing with fashion that feels like sunshine, and as has become the custom, we’ve rounded up our top picks for the season. Read our Summer style guide here.
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Grand Central not only offers you the best of Australia’s high street fashion brands, but we like to think that we also have some of the industry’s best customer service and fashion experts working in your favourite stores. They love their city and their customers and over the next couple of months you will see some familiar faces live on the runway in the spotlight. Read our fashion expert blog here.
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SPRING..It's the next big thing
Have we ever been so thrilled to see the sun push through the clouds? Probably we’re much the same each year, but we are more than ready to embrace the new season in all of its warmth, colour and natural brilliance. Read our last of Spring fashion guide here.
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To showcase last month’s NAIDOC Community Awards; we invited “Community Champion” winner Janet Suey, family and friends to help us showcase the latest in-Centre fashion. Read our last of winter days fashion guide here.
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You might have a love/hate relationship with winter, but if you’re’ reading this we’re guessing that the love comes from your more fashionable side… the one that dreams of long coats, cosy knits, leather boots and layering for days. Read our latest Winter edit here.
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Time to refresh your Winter wardrobe! We have pulled together our favourite pieces of the season, so read on for our best advice on where to begin. Read our Winter style guide here.
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When the welcome invitation arrives, with it, comes the all-important question of what to wear. Country weddings can take on a variety of themes, from relaxed garden ceremonies to formal black-tie affairs so let us help you decipher the dress code and plan the perfect outfit for a perfect day. Read our country wedding style guide here.
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Easter Fashion Essentials
That heavenly aroma of fresh hot cross buns straight from the oven, with friends and family gathering over the long weekend and Easter Egg hunts on for young and old - you know the much-awaited Easter break is upon us. Read our Easter style guide here.
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Autumn Fashion
Whether it’s a spontaneous decision or a carefully planned outing, when a day out is on the cards, the outfit choice becomes the top priority in the group chat! Lunching and brunching among the vines whispers casual elegance, but how do we uncork that dress code? Read our Autumn style guide here.
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As January comes to a close and the sun begins to set on the festive season, we are determined to hang on to the last of summer’s glorious last days - pool parties with friends, picnics by the ocean, long nights gazing under starry summer skies. Read our Summer Pool Party style guide here.
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Long lunches that somehow find themselves sneaking into the twilight hours, parties that light up the night sky - these are the best of summer days. Long and lingering, made for gathering with your favourites, and because you are among our favourites, this month our gift to you (tis the season after all), is the ultimate round-up of the very best of summer style. Read our Summer style guide here.
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It’s that wonderful time of the year again, and if it feels like Santa’s lap around the sun passed in record time this year, you are not alone. There is so much to celebrate as we look forward to being reunited with family and friends to enjoy the silly season in style. Read our Christmas style guide here.
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Spring Party
This season, there is a renewed sense of freedom in the air and our wardrobes are ready for a little spring fling.. Read our Spring Party style guide here.
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Longer days... warmer days; it’s a refresh and a restart; a spring clean and the annual spring fling we get to enjoy every year as the season breathes new life into our core. Spring has sprung, and its’ that time of year when we prune our gardens, spring clean our homes, reactivate our gym memberships & of course, reconsider our wardrobes and ultimately our personal style. Read our Spring fashion guide here.
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It might very well be cold outside, but the simplest of life’s pleasures are often found at home. The footy’s on in the background, the fire pit is blazing and the afternoon games are in full swing; with warm welcomes from friends as you peel off the layers, it’s time to settle in. Read our Winter style guide here.
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We love it for its individualistic expression, often uninhibited and inspirational, it’s a reminder of the creative in all of us…urban youth fashion at it’s best. Youth style carries that same distinctive vibe of reinvention season after season so we’ve captured some looks that are representative of this moment so that you can take inspiration from our city’s future generation. Read our Urban Youth style guide here.
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Family Picnic Fashion
With Toowoomba’s beautiful temperate climate, despite a little dip in the winter months, we are fortunate to be able to enjoy picnics all year around. Once you’ve settled on the perfect location and planned your most sharable spread, the only thing left to answer is the all important question of what to wear. Read our family style guide here.
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Taking care of business: your guide on what to wear to work
Our personal style is a surprisingly powerful tool, not only when it comes to increasing our confidence but it's also incredibly clever when it comes to communicating. Style speaks, and as we head into a new year, why not speak the language of confidence, starting with a killer work wardrobe. Read the blog here.
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Bushwalking Fashion Essentials
Spontaneity in your travels is one thing; when it comes to your outfits - well that's an entirely different conversation. Find out what to pack for that upcoming bushwalk. Read our bushwalking fashion guide here.
Bush Walking Essentials
Meet our Locals
If you have been shopping in our centre for a number of years, you may very well recognise these familiar faces. Read on to meet the fellow Toowoombians within our Centre. Read more here.
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