Shop the 'Year of the Rabbit' Pu-erh tea box!
Elegant, energetic & bright… the best way to describe the ‘Year of the Rabbit’ & The Tea Centre's new pu-erh gift box!
Published 10 January
The Tea Centre

Many moons ago, the rabbit swiftly made its way across a river, winning the fourth year of the zodiac. From 22 January 2023, gift ‘Year of the Rabbit’ with The Tea Centre’s latest iteration of the pu-erh tea box.

Make like the rabbit and race into your closest Tea Centre store to nab this luxurious Lunar New Year tea gift! Don’t let its shiny exterior and innovative packaging fool you—the traditions and rituals behind this gift have stood the test of time.

Hailing from Yunnan, the dozen aged pu-erh tuo cha inside this gift box brew up truly magnificent earthy flavours. Within this beautiful red box, you will find _shou _pu-erh tea that promotes longevity and good health.

It’s the question on everyone’s lips—what is tuo cha pu-erh tea? In the most simple terms, tuo cha is a traditional type of _shou _(ripe) pu-erh (fermented compressed tea cake) from China that farmers shape into a dome and preserve for at least three years. Specifically, both green pu-erh and black pu-erh tuo cha cakes are aged for five years and are one of The Tea Centre’s most traditional shou pu-erh varieties. The perfect size for a small teapot, these pu-erh cakes are ideal on their own. That way, the infusion can exhibit its true Yunnan qualities.

New beginnings & age-old tea rituals become one this Lunar New Year when imbibing in this box of speciality pu-erh tea.

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