Downloadable colouring in pages by Katie Whyte
Hooray for activities that help us through social distancing! Enjoy a weekly colouring-in release from Toowoomba based visual artist, Katie Whyte.
Published 17 April

As we settle into the new norm that is social distancing, we ask ourselves 'what are we going to do with all this extra time indoors?'. Yes we can step outside for some fresh air, but we may have done that already today. And yes we can sit down with a good book, but with what feels like information overload we still need an hour or two to completely unwind. 

We have teamed up with Toowoomba based visual artist, Katie Whyte, to help us all pass the time with a four exclusive downloadable colouring in sheets.  Each Saturday for four weeks from the 18 April we will release a new template to colour in, just favorite this web page in your browser and check back. From Katie and Grand Central - we hope you enjoy! 

If you wish to share your finished artworks on social media you can tag @grandcentral and @hiwhytey, or use the hashtag #GCxHiwhytey


Week 1 - Unknowing 

Download here

Colouring in Katie Whyte


Week 2 - Peaks

Download Here

Katie Whyte Colouring In


Week 3 - Solo

Download here

Katie Whyte


Week 4 - The Artist at Home

Download here

katie Whyte


About Katie Whyte 

Katie Whyte is a visual artist based in Toowoomba. Throughout her career she has studied painting and science of visual perception as ways to give meaning to what we see.

Katie believes art allows us to see the world differently, but also help us to understand that we are not alone. We are connected by a shared language of colour and shape.

Much like her paintings, these illustrations are visual impressions drawn from past experiences. They include themes of connection, layering, space, movement and an ongoing search for personal identity. This style of work is similar to the artist’s public murals that can be found on Keefe, Little and Stuart streets in Toowoomba (so if you are heading out for a walk and you haven't seen Katie's murals, pop them into your map). 

Get to know Katie better over at her website or Instagram. 

Colouring in Katie Whyte

Colouring in Katie Whyte

Colouring in Katie Whyte


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Published on 12 August, 2022