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Garment and plastic recycling at Grand Central

Receive a discount when you drop off your clothes or recycle your plastic packaging with three of our stores.
Published 06 August

As our individual wardrobes and lifestyles change over time and as little ones grow into bigger clothes, we are often left with a pile of garments that we just can't make use of anymore. Plus, we all have an abundance of skincare and toiletry packaging that leaves us wondering 'can I recycle this?'. 

Read on for three of our in Centre stores leading the movement towards greater environmental integrity and responsibility - Plus you'll find out how you can score a discount for doing your part (because who doesn't love a freebie). 



H&M Clothes Recylce article


Did you know that H&M have been offering their garment recycling service since 2013? The H&M Garment Collecting program is a global initiative that works to prevent unwanted clothes from going to landfill.

Just drop your bag of unwanted garments in the garment collecting box either on level 1 or level two of the Toowoomba H&M store. All textiles welcome, from all brands, in any condition. Even the odd sock, worn-out t-shirt or old sheet can be handed over. And there is also no limit to how many bags you can hand in. 
For each bag of textiles you hand in, you will receive; one voucher for 15% off one item, with a maximum of two vouchers per day.

All textiles received by H&M are sent to the nearest sorting plant.  Most will end up on the second-hand market through UNICEF, but if they can’t be worn again, they will be repurposed into new fibres and ultimately become new clothes. Find out more about H&M's program here


Country Road

Country Road Clothes Recylce article


Country Road have been partnering with Red Cross since 2011 through their Fashion Trade program. As part of Country Road's Fashion Trade, customers are rewarded with a $10 gift voucher when they donate pre-loved Country Road items to our Country Road Toowoomba Store. 

Since the program’s launch, Country Road has donated over 200,000 items to Red Cross shops nationally. This not only prevents clothes from ending up in landfill, but also raises funds for Red Cross, and helps with local and national initiatives such as; daily phone calls to help elderly Australians stay safe and independent at home or sheltering families after disasters.

You can be assured that every resource used by Country Road is derived from industry partners that prioritise sustainable practices to better our environment nationally and globally. With initiatives such as The Better Cotton Initiative and Responsible Wool Initiative Country Road are working hard to ensure all their jeans and denim are made from traceable Australian Cotton and Woolen pieces are fully traceable, non-mulesed and certified against animal welfare and sustainable farming practices. Find out more about Country Road's sustainable practices here



Loccitane Recylce artcile


L'Occitane have environmental consciousness at their core and are committed to protecting the environment through recycling. Every year, millions of beauty and skincare packaging ends up in our household waste and landfill. To help combat this, L'Occitane have partnered with TerraCycle to turn usually 'unrecyclable' or difficult-to-recycle packaging into innovative eco products. 

All you need to do is bring your empty beauty and skin care bottles (L'occitane or any beauty brand), to our Toowoomba L'Occitane boutique and you will receive 10% off your next purchase, which can be applied to one full size product. 

Once the products have been collected in store, all empty packaging will be sent to L'Occitane's warehouse to be consolidated and then shipped to the TerraCycle warehouse for recycling. Find out more here.

Plus, you can always pick up a satchel of L'Occitane's Eco-Refills for hand soaps, shampoos, conditioners, shower gels and more. These refills use up to 90% less plastic, and give containers a second life - an amazing way to help save our environment! Find out more about the Eco-Refills in store or online here


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