How to Level up your Style

How to level up your style

As the warmer seasons are upon us here in Grand Central, it’s time to put those puffer jackets and scarves away and level up with a fresh new wardrobe. This season, there’s an array of fun new trends to try as we prepare for brighter days ahead.
Published 08 September

Whether you’re looking to elevate your style for the new season or simply want to try pieces that will complement your spring-summer look, we’ve got you covered! We’re giving you all the tips and tricks you’ll need to level up your style this spring, courtesy of Grand Central.


Upgrade your accessories   

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Do you ever feel like your outfit isn’t quite complete? Handbags are often the finishing accessory that really pulls it all together. This season, we’re staying away from the plain and subdued in favour of bold bags packed with personality—and there are plenty of styles to choose from throughout the centre.

Try a funky green bag, or a touch of sequin that will add a touch of spice to any outfit. If you’re after something more subtle with a healthy dose of texture, a crochet bag will be your go-to to take you from the beach to dinner.

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Wear a fragrance

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Never underestimate the power of a good perfume. The perfect scent can uplift your mood and add your own sense of unique character to your overall ensemble. Plus, what better way to signify a fresh start to a new season than with a new fragrance?

Revel in a floral-imbued scent to step up your style this spring. If florals aren’t your thing, try a refreshing aquatic or zesty citrus-fuelled scent to complement the warmth of the season ahead. For summer, we recommend fragrances that are light, airy, and reinvigorating to keep you feeling refreshed on those warmer days.

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Step up your shoe game

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Want to know one of the easiest ways to freshen up your look? It’s all in the shoes! This is one fashion item that really holds the power to take your outfit from good to glam.

This season, vibrant shoes are making a statement—and there’s no better time to invest in a pair. Brighten up a subtle outfit with electric orange or deep purple heels, and you will certainly be turning heads. Ditch the black boots and switch them out for punchy shoes that will leave you feeling confident and effortlessly fashionable.

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Add a statement 

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A statement piece is a sure-fire recipe for levelling up your look. For an instant outfit shake up, find an attention-grabbing piece that adds instant ‘wow factor’ to your ensemble. One of our favourite statement items is a classic blazer, but in a strong colour or pattern. With their refined and structured silhouette, it’s no secret that blazers add a touch of class to every outfit. Whether it’s for corporate wear, weekend errands, or a dinner date—you can never go wrong with throwing one over the top of any outfit.

We suggest matching your statement blazer with suit pants, a dress, and even denim jeans for an effortless and sophisticated look.

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Play with polish

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If there was ever a season to experiment with nail polish, this is it! This spring don’t be afraid to ditch neutrals and fuel your dopamine levels with colours that spark joy.

Freshen up your style with a buttery shade of yellow that sparkles in the sun, or a creamy blue that inspires visions of clear blue skies and crystalline water. If you’re brave enough to try something bolder, we suggest a vibrant tangerine or a cherry red that will truly pack a punch.

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