Laura Wells
Environmentalist Laura Wells’ journey to being her personal best
Being your best is an ever-evolving exercise and the path is just as important as the goal. This Spring-Summer 2022, we’re celebrating our quest to be the best version of ourselves and work towards being brighter together.
Published 08 September

We recently caught up with Laura Wells—a science communicator, environmentalist, traveller, and model who believes “being your personal best is opening your mind, filling your cup and expanding your knowledge of the world around us; we can all be our best together”.


Meet Laura

Growing up in the beachside area of Cronulla in Sydney, NSW, Laura spent a lot of time outside by the water as a child. This sparked a lifelong love for marine biology, which she pursued at university alongside a law degree. As if her science and law studies weren’t enough to balance, Laura complemented these with a modelling career that took her around the world for 16 years.

It was through a fusion of these ventures that Laura entered the world of environmentalism. Laura says, “I always loved biology in high school and knew I wanted to become a scientist in that field. Between my studies gaining that knowledge, modelling, and living overseas, I really noticed the impact humans are having on the world—especially in terms of plastic pollution.”

Armed with an understanding of the negative impacts and the potential positive changes society could make, Laura started working with environmental organisations to spread awareness while influencing changes in legislation and policy.


Laura’s advice to achieve your personal best

When asked about stand-out achievements, Laura revealed that she doesn’t have one defining moment. “I’ve been very lucky to have a career that has spanned 16 years and every continent, which sounds crazy, but I’ve literally worked in so many places!”

Over 16 years of working as a model in an industry highly focused on looks, Laura has refined her personal best after finding her own sense of self-confidence. Laura expresses the importance of understanding and appreciating your body instead of comparing yourself to others who are uniquely different from you and everyone else around them. “Instead, find people that you’re inspired by and have similar interests or curiosities as you. Acknowledge what they’re sharing and let your brain soak up all the information because there’s so much to learn.”

“I learnt not to care what others think, which has helped me push forward to work in an environmental industry as I’m not focused on what I look like. I’m focused on how I can make a difference to the planet and help others to do the same.”

If you struggle with body confidence, her advice is to, “voice your opinion and tell people how you’re feeling. Most importantly, seek joy somewhere you know. Let’s find it together because there’s happiness everywhere and the world doesn’t need to revolve on how you look.”


When Laura feels her personal best

While spending time at the coast or doing any form of exercise helps Laura to feel her personal best physically and mentally, it all comes down to happiness. “Happiness is an important thing. It’s about being surrounded by people and places that are constantly encouraging, inspiring, and teaching you. For me, it means I can be informed about my personal best to keep the world beautiful while teaching people that too.”


Laura’s personal best in fashion

Being accustomed to having a dynamic wardrobe as a working model, Laura is comfortable in just about anything, covering the full range from jeans and sneakers through to an evening dress and heels. If we were to take a peek into her wardrobe, not only would we find a lot of sneakers and natural fibres, but we’ll also see lots of colour, light and fun. Laura’s advice is to “mix it up, play with your style and go with what you feel on any given day.”


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