Tiny Trailer painting close up
Tiny Trailers Reimagined
Local artists Alex Stalling and Jonathan (Jon) Vargas have reinvigorated our Tiny Trailers with a new coat of paint.

Inspired by Toowoomba, it's gardens and the iconic annual Carnival of Flowers event, two local artists reimagined our kids Tiny Trailers turning them into works of art. Watch the timelapse below.

Enjoy the newly painted trailers in centre today outside Lowes on level 2 or near Betty's Burgers on Ground Level. 


Meet the artists and find out their inspiration behind their painting


Alex Stalling

Alex Stalling artist

Toowoomba artist Alex Stalling is fascinated by the role of pattern, layers, colour and banal visual prompts in our built environments. Her works often combine elements of nature with amoebic shapes and structures.
Her Tiny Trailer is inspired by the bright and playful experiences of friends & families as they gather in Toowoomba’s iconic landscaped parks and gardens.

Instagram: @alexstallingart



Jonathan (Jon) Vargas

Jon Vargas artist

Jonathan (Jon) Vargas, is an Chilean artist, based in Queensland.
Best known for his, vivid and colourful abstract paintings, print making and architectural lines. His work talks about city living, loved places and memories of past travel.
Playing with concepts, ideas, shapes, directions and depth. It’s an abstract representation of the artist’s feelings and experiences. The ‘I have been there’ or ‘this looks familiar’ play an important role in the architectural clash with abstraction where places live in a simple space.

Instagram: @jon_vargas_art

Facebook: @jonvargasart



Watch the timelapse below

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Published on 12 December, 2022
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